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Arepa con Queso y Huevo (Perico, Frito, o Revuelto) y Chocolate Caliente ó Café
Cornbread with Cheese/Eggs any style (fried, scrambled, or scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions.)  Hot Chocolate or Coffee
Changua (Aguasal)
Milk soup with eggs, green onions, and tomatoes
Calentao con Chorizo / Chicharrón ó Carne Asada y Chocolate / Café
Mixture of beans and rice served with egg any style, cornbread, choice of meat and either hot chocolate or coffee
Calentado con Todo y Chocolate ó Café
Mixture of rice and beans, beef, sausage, fried pork belly, fried egg, cornbread, and either hot chocolate or coffee